Website Content Management

I manage content for my own websites and the websites of others, using WordPress, Joomla and custom content management systems. I was website content manager for the University of Leeds Transport Systems Hub.

My previous work as a market research analyst studying customer needs has given me the knowledge to ensure that a website provides users with a great experience.

wordpress-signinA good website is full of dynamic content that captures user interest and makes users want to spend as much time as they can on the site, return to it as often as possible and recommend it to others.

Landing pages should captivate visitors and guide them toward other pages on the site.

Text should be broken up with images and videos.

Navigation can make or break a site. Menus should let users find what they need quickly and easily.

Great website content management doesn’t just keep visitors on your site. It makes your site attractive to search engines, too. When users spend more time on your website, they’re telling search engines that yours is a quality site. That means your site moves up in rankings, so more people find it and discover how great it is. The more people who love your site, the better for your business.

As content manager, I can keep your site looking good.