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Where there is no reference to a specific piece of writing, I supplied writing, editing and content management services for the entire website.

Nature Soapbox Science, Playing Dumb – Does Being in a Group Setting Affect Your IQ?

Scientific American Blogs, Is Homosexuality a Choice?

Brain Blogger, What Makes Us Moral?

Brain Blogger, Bullying – A Rational Choice

Science X (Click to see all of the articles I produced as a regular contributor)

Science Blog (Click to see all of my blog posts)

Red Orbit, Do Plants Feel Pain?

Red Orbit, Scientists Say Animals are Conscious

Red Orbit, The (Mechanical) Man in The Mirror

Machines Like Us, Human Language and Gesturing Chimps

Machines Like Us, Clever Liars

Machines Like Us, Only Child

Physics World, March 2014 Graduate Careers Section, Are You Making the Right Move?

Earth Facts

Animal Facts

Space Travel

Meaning of Dreams/Dream Theory (Click to see all of my articles)

Meaning of Dreams/Sleep Disorders (Click to see all of my articles)

Meaning of Dreams, The Science of Lucid Dreams

Meaning of Dreams, Lucid Dreamers – Asleep and Awake

Meaning of Dreams, The Science of Out of Body Experiences

Health Magazine, August 2012, Dream Your Troubles Away

Piracetam Australia, Piracetam – The Original Nootropic

Piracetam Australia, What Are Nootropics?

Piracetam Australia, Racetams: An Overview

Piracetam Australia, Piracetam vs Modafinil


Sky Filming Drone Aerial Photography

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