Marketing, SEO and Social Media

I’ve spent more than two decades in the marketing industry, working with small businesses as well as multinational corporations.

As a market research analyst for Aviva, one of the largest insurance companies in the European Union, I analyzed consumer demographics and helped develop segmentation models; I can tell you who to target and how to communicate with them.

I played an essential role in coordinating ad placement for Parade, one of America’s largest circulation weekly consumer magazines, working with some of the country’s most successful advertising agencies.

Search Engine Optimization

marketingI’ve been dealing with SEO since I first started working on websites in 2009. I remember when all you had to do to get a website ranked high in search was to include lots of articles full of keywords—it didn’t matter how good the articles were or even if they were intelligible to human beings—and posts links to your site all over the web. The quality of the content surrounding those links didn’t matter either.

Things have changed since then. With the arrival of Google Panda and Google Penguin, sites that once performed well in Google Search were penalized for low quality content and unnatural low quality inbound links.

Now, good SEO means creating a user friendly site that encourages visitor engagement through informative content, great website design, social media connections and organic links from other high quality sites.

The more users like your site, the more search engines will like it.

Social Media

social-media-smartphoneSearch engines aren’t the only way for users to find your site. With the rise of social media, users may click through to your site via a Facebook or Twitter link, without ever having used Google or Bing.

As a copywriter and internet marketer, I’ve managed my own social media pages and the pages of other businesses

Keeping customers engaged through social media sites means giving them great content. That’s something I can provide.

I can use social media to drive traffic to your site and help your business grow.