Copywriting, Blogging and Article Writing

I began learning about the tools and tricks of copywriting in 1989, when I worked as a marketing services assistant for an industrial fabric company and was responsible for proofreading and editing copy.

As a market research analyst for Aviva Insurance, I helped improve the quality of written and online copy by sharing insights on customer needs.

pen-and-paperI have experience writing, editing and proofreading website copy, ads, brochures, press releases, technical content, marketing emails and content for mobile apps.

Today, I write and edit copy for various businesses, using my understanding of consumers to ensure customer engagement. My ability to make complicated topics accessible to any audience, which benefits me as a science writer, crosses over into my copywriting. No matter what your business is, I can help customers understand what you do and why you need them.

Internet Blogging and Article Writing

Many business owners like to promote their websites, and therefore, their businesses, via articles and blog posts.

keyboardI’ve written content for many websites, my own and those of other businesses. Great content tells users you’re an expert in your field. It encourages them to spend more time at your website, so they can learn more, and to trust you to provide quality products or services. Great website content also tells search engines to consider you an authority and to move your site up in their rankings.

Unfortunately, while blogging and article writing can be a fantastic strategy for promoting your business, it can backfire.

In the days before Google Panda and Google Penguin, writing website content—any content, any level of quality—was a way to get your website to the top of Google Search and get your business noticed.

All you had to do was fill your site with articles and blog posts stuffed with. It didn’t matter how poorly written your content was or how much people hated it.

If you wanted to convince Google you were an authority, all you had to do was place badly written, keyword filled blog posts, with links to your website, on other people’s sites.

No more.

Google’s Panda algorithm now penalizes sites with poor quality content. Google Penguin penalizes sites with links from poor quality sites.

Website owners who once found success with the old, easy methods are now suffering. They’re rewriting old content and asking (sometimes paying!) to have their links removed from other sites.

Don’t listen to content writers who promise you high search engine rankings via bad written content or out of date link building schemes.

A successful website requires the highest quality writing. I can provide it.